Le Livre des Mystères (Book of Mysteries) : D&D4 et D&D5 (D&D Next)

Le Livre des Mystères (Book of Mysteries) : D&D4 et  D&D5 (D&D Next)

Campaign on Athas, in the Tyr region (Dark Sun - D&D4)

King Kalak is dead ! All hail King Tithian !


This news spread quickly in Tyr. Was it the fruit of imagination or a clumsy propaganda against the government in power? How could a sorcerer-king, an immortal being, die?


It was the truth though. The tyrant Kalak was dead. The most amazing thing was the fact he had been killed by mortals. No one thought he could live long enough to see the fall of a sorcercer-king.


This news shook the preconception of everyone on Athas. It was possible to kill a sorcercer-king. It lit the spark which enlivened the fire of uprising in the region.


For Tyr, it meant a new begining. The abloishment of slavery was the first concrete act of the new King, Tithian. This High Templat joined forces with ex-slaves and a member of the noble family of Asticles. Tithian, Rikus, Sadira, Agis and Neeva were now symbols of Tyr's freedom.


 Freeing the slavesn however, had quite a choatic  impact on this city firsthand. People who had been told what to do all their lives were asked to act of their free will. It proved to be very difficult for many who kept their old jobs but received payment in exchange instead of the whiplash.


Other saw in Tyr's freedom the opportunity to live a new life and discover new things. The heroes of Tyr had paved a new way of life for the inhabitants of the city. Freedom was something to be cheriched and respected in order to avoid losing it again. Despite the death of the tyrant Kalak, Athas was still a curel world, but now, hope was shinninig in the free city. Life was no longer as uncertain as it had been for countless centuries. The immobilism which clutched the entire region has shattered.


Explorers and adventurers appeared in the city of Tyr. Many were those who thought to find lost treasures in ancient ruins, witnesses of a better age if the legends were true. Some people lived in the desert proper and the new of Kalak's death arrived irregularily. fortunately, the Merchant Houses were a good means to learn the latest events in the region. They were a good means of communication throughout the Tyr region. Many wanted to see with their own eyes a free city. After all six other sorcer-kings remained with a more or less firm grip on their population. But for how long, some whispered.


Some adventurers arrived from the free city, employed as caravan guards for the trip, while others came from the depath of the desert, where the spirits of nature had real power yet. They met in Altaruk. This fortified town was a stop for caravans going from onr city-state to another. From this place, one could head for Balic, Tyr, Gulg and Urik.


The party which assembled in Altaruk was made of two muls (a powerful race which combined the toughness of the dwarves and the build of humans) who grew up in the galdiatorial pits of Tyr and trained to fight in the arena. They were Talak and Uskan. There was also a minotaur named Bjorkus, quite uncommon in the region, and a thri-kreen (a race of humanoid insects) named T'Chaï. Both came from some desert tribe. Darten, a swordsman, joined the party after giving back to Talak his purse a thief stole in the town.

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